The biggest obstacle to low-paid workers is the false illusion of 'Can'

Cleaners in shopping centres owned by CommBank are paid such low wages they barely make it above the poverty line.

The real question is, can cleaners make ends meet on $17 an hour? Can't.

Can Commbank make sure those cleaners are paid fairly? It says it can't, but of course it can.

CommBank’s rhetoric doesn’t match reality.


Meet Joanne

Joanne has been a cleaner at the same shopping centre owned by Commbank for 10 years. Over that decade she has received a total raise of just $3. With three kids, she's basically on the poverty line.

Whilst her pay has barely budged, her workload has dramatically increased.

Joanne needs just a small raise and better working conditions. It's not too much to ask.

But the bank has one word for her. Can't.


Commbank owns 30 shopping centres in Australia, including Chadstone, Chatswood Chase and the Grand Plaza.

In each of those centres, the bank squeezes people like Joanne so tight that most have to do overtime just to get the centre cleaned on time.

They often have to work well past their retirement age because they can't save on $17 an hour. Others with a family have to decide whether to feed their kids or pay for the electricity that week.

A few extra dollars an hour would make a huge difference to Joanne and thousands of cleaners like her around Australia. CommBank CAN afford it.

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Commonwealth can be better corporate players. They can take their share of responsibility for paying a living wage in businesses they own. They can change our community for the better—but they can’t keep ignoring their cleaners.

It’s time that the invisible Australians who keep our economy running — like cleaners — can finally have their say and fair pay.

Click here to sign the petition. Let's demand more from Australia's richest bank.

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There’s a three lettered word
More frustrating than the rest
It promises the future
But fails when put to the test.

You can pay your bills
You can make ends meet.
You can stand on your own two feet.

You can feed your kids.
I can afford to retire.
I can dream of doing something higher.

Can is a word that offers us hope
That you can achieve your lifelong goals—
The thought of which helps us cope
With the reality and struggles of everyday
But CommBank refuses to listen to what I have to say

Because these three little letters
CommBank promises to you
They alter in a second
When you look at what they do.

CommBank makes us add the T
Today and everyday
Because we can’t do our jobs properly
And we can’t live on our pay.

We can’t manage our workloads; we can’t get by
We can’t face our kids, and we can’t tell them why.

We can’t retire; we can’t dream
We can’t say that the future
Will be any better than now.

Because CommBank keeps saying things can get better
But we keep having to add
One important letter.

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